The Juice Smith juices at a Pilates workshop

November 24, 2015

After a full day of The Juice Smith juices at a Pilates workshop, I was eager to try the 3 day detox. Their juices are amazing – they fill you up, energise you, and there is no bloating or feeling like you are missing out on a meal. The detox was easy for 2 days, and a challenge on the third, but it was worth it. The Juice Smith provided information before the detox, was quick to answer any of my questions and concerns, and in general their service was first class! At the end of the three days, my skin (which is never glowing like some local beauty queens!) was smooth and clear, my nails oddly grew strong, I slept great and had endless energy. I could not imagine that much of a change in a 3 day detox. I strongly recommend The Juice Smith to anyone who wants to get a kick start on their diet, to clear up and slim down before a big event, or who just want to treat their body and soul.

Kari Lorente Sherman

adminThe Juice Smith juices at a Pilates workshop